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creator of the Marvel universe

Stan Lee’s Cameos from Every Marvel Movie

Marvel mastermind's continued presence in films helps to connect modern Marvel to the comics of old. For the Marvel company, the incredible rise of superhero film franchises has been a gold mine. Perhaps inevitably, Hollywood has by now created an … [Read More...]


best cartoons of the 90s

Best Kids Television Shows of the 90s

Some may say its nostalgia, but I like to think of the 90s as the golden age of television for kids. So many good shows, from game shows you wished you were on, sitcoms that taught you all your life lessons and an insane amount of fantastic cartoons. The 90s offered a little bit of everything for […]

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Mustangs in the Movies

The Ford Mustang has always held a special place in my heart. When I was younger, my infatuation was purely based on aesthetics: who doesn’t want a car that looks as cool as the Shelby Mustang? Then once I got older, the connection became more … [Read More...]

kids movies on youtube

Top Free Kids Movies on YouTube

Because of the popularity of our previous posts The Best Free Movies on Youtube and 28 of the Best Kids Movies of the 90s, I thought we could combine the two so the kids have something to watch as well. Because its hard to find a lot of free movies … [Read More...]