“I told you he was crazy” – Top 8 Psychopathic Villains

I told you he was crazy

Some movie villians are sympathetic, others maybe not so much, and some of them are so evil they don’t even seem human. Here is my list of the top 8 craziest, immoral villains in film.

Jacinto – The Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Backbone
The Devil’s Backbone is one of Guillermo del Toro’s first movies, and shares a few themes with his biggest hit “Pan’s Labyrinth”, including a wartime setting during the Spanish Civil War. Eduardo Noriega plays Jacinto, a caretaker at a Spanish orphanage who has his eyes set on both the orphan master’s wife as well as his stash of gold hidden underneath the building.

Most insane act committed – Robs and burns down a orphanage and bones another man’s wife

Lado – Savages

Oliver Stone didn’t surprise anyone with his latest film Savages, a crime movie about the Mexican/US drug trade. The ultra violence and creative lens filters are all still there, but what really stands out in this film is Benicio del Toro’s character Lado, a pot bellied enforcer who works for a Mexican drug cartel. Lado is a man who is good at what he does, as long as the work involves killing traitors, informants, or people who were just “to sensitive” for cartel work

Most insane act committed – Douses a dude in gasoline and makes someone throw a lit road flair at him.

Bennett – Commando


Commando is the father of all Arnold movies, uh, if you forget about Terminator. It’s got all the classic Arnold scenes: shots of him loading up guns, a few montages, a dozen or so one liners. It’s also got Bennett, who is a fat mustached Australian who wears a chainmail shirt, LOVES knives, and kidnaps Arnold’s daughter (I can’t remember why despite watching this movie about 8 times, revenge or something maybe?).

Most insane act committed – Pretty much this entire scene


Cunningham – Rob Roy

Rob Roy

This movie about Scottish folk hero Rob Roy (played by Liam Neeson) came out at around the same time as Braveheart, which is unfortunate since it’s a quality revenge flick. Tim Roth plays Cunningham, a foppish Englishman who is the bane of Roy’s existence. Throughout the movie Cunningham frames Roy for failure to pay a debt, burns down his house, abuses his wife, and kills a few of his friends.

Most insane act committed – Wearing this light blue number to a trial by combat


Kakihara – Ichi the Killer

best psychopaths in movies

Ichi the Killer is a reflection on movie violence disguised as a yakuza flick. Tadanobu Asano plays a scared and pierced yakuza enforcer named Kakihara who is searching for his boss who has gone missing.

Most insane act committed – Preparing shrimp tempura in a pretty interesting way (just watch it!)

Norman – The Professional

top psychopaths

The Professional features Gary Oldman playing the worst DEA agent in the world. Throughout the movie he pretty much just does speed, sells drugs, and shoots people with his hooligan DEA friends. Maybe had dirt on someone at internal affairs?

Most insane act committed – Dealing cocaine which I think is the exact opposite of what DEA agents are supposed to do.

Matsudaira Naritsugu – 13 Assassins

best psychopaths in film

It’s good to have connections, and Matsudaira is the Shogun’s half brother making him almost completely untouchable. Despite having a hobby of murdering people for fun, Matsudaira ascends the corporate ladder pretty fast. Rather than going though the red tape needed to have the guy arrested, a rival retainer hires 13 Assassins to make sure he isn’t promoted again.

Most insane act committed – Firing arrows at lower ranking lords and servants while looking completely bored

Mike Barns – Karate Kid Part III

Karate Kid Part III

Now the last seven guys on this list were totally insane, but they had some kind of grand motive, whether that be money, or power, or some kind of corrupted justice. Mike Barns is different though, as the main bad guy in The Karate Kid Part III he’s hired by the Kobra Kai dojo to kick Daniel-San’s ass at the next All-Valley Karate tournament. Problem is Daniel doesn’t want to fight. Mike, potentially about to lose out on a 4 figure opportunity, attempts to murder Daniel and his new girlfriend by pushing them off a clif. Murdering someone, over a youth Karate tournament? I can handle crane kicks, drum punches, wax on/off, and all that other BS, but that shit is completely bananas.

Most insane act committed – Threatening to throw someone off a cliff unless they sign a Los Angeles area Karate tournament entry form

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